Your Digital Comic Library in VR

Read comic books in virtual reality! Or better yet, read custom designed comics built FOR virtual reality. VR Robotica is building a unique comic book reading app that attempts to destroy the boundaries of traditional comics while keeping the essence of the experience, freeing the artist from the physical constraints of the page by breaking the forced linearity of time and even the perceived absolutes of the reader’s orientation.

With custom environments and soundtracks, take a trans-dimensional journey into the world of a new generation of storytelling.

Non-Linear Story Telling

Our format opens up the possibility to break convention and force the user to explore the panels to find progression event triggers to move the story forward. We are breaking the boundaries of space, time, and orientation to create a new medium for non-linear, unbounded expression for the comic art form.

User Interacted Progression

Did you hear a sound in your left-ear? Is that a bird over head? What’s that object at your feet? Look, to move the story forward. The user is no longer restricted to reading left-to-right. With the appropriate story line, the user can participate in which direction they choose to read and effectively which character’s story line to follow, and the author can craft a means to motivate particular interactions to influence how the user experiences those stories.

Custom Soundtracks & Environments

With each virtual comic book, artists can dictate which sounds you hear for each panel, page, or an overall custom musical score. As well as tailor the reading environment to fit that of the story, or bring the reader into the panel to join their favorite characters in the scene of the action.

This is a Comic Book Revolution!

Leap Motion Integration

Your hands are the original universal interface. With Leap Motion’s unprecedented hand tracking, you can reach into your virtual library and not only interact within the world of the comic shop, but with the world of your favorite comics!

Oculus Touch Controls

Now standard with every purchase of the Oculus Rift, the Touch controllers bring a new level of interaction within VR.  Their intuitive design will allow for natural gestures and motions.

Vive Controllers

The Vive Controllers allow you to dynamically interact with all the objects within the world of VR on a scale that fills your entire room.

Get a test build:

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